Tilde in February

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Mrrranda L. Tarrow – You look on, we look after – Two-Dimensional Papercut Designs

Tilde in Sellwood will host a First Friday reception for Portland Papercutting artist Mrrranda L. Tarrow from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday, February 1st.  The show will run until March 31st.

When not culling insects, organs, and non-sequiturs from cookbooks and medical textbooks, mixed media and installation artist Miranda (ok, Mrrranda) L. Tarrow coaxes dodgy wee beasties from creepy curio cabinets, milkweed-choked marshes, and other people’s trash. Constructing habitats with fragile and incongruous materials, her often ambiguous creatures confront entropy and loss with serendipity, humor, and hope.

You look on, we look after is her first show to focus solely on two-dimensional papercuttings, featuring (nearly) all new work. A side product of experimenting with light boxes and shadow puppets, many of these pieces quickly evolved into their own meticulously cultivated menagerie of rabbits, rodents, and other potential psychopomps. An uncommon offering of many affordable, readily portable pieces, the You look on, we look after collection should not be missed.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Mrrranda has shared her vivid inner life with Ann Arbor, Detroit, and New York City. Once an inhabitant of Gracie’s Birdcage and one of Launch Pad Gallery’s helpful little hobs, she continues to scrabble at shadows and static in Portland, Oregon.

Located in Sellwood, Tilde hosts a revolving bi-monthly art show, with receptions on the First Friday of the opening month. Tilde, a modern lifestyle shop, offers a carefully curated selection of women’s and men’s accessories and home decorative items that are primarily handmade by individual artists and design groups. Displayed in a home/gallery environment, each product offers a designer’s statement to reveal the story behind the creation.

7919 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202
shop: 503-234-9600